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Agape Worship Center

  Expressing Our Love For God to God

" Life's Journey"

On occasion I have thought about what it is like for a person who is blind without sight in unfamiliar surroundings. There is always the possibility of stumbling into or over objects in the environment. There would not be certainty of direction as to where a particular path would lead. However, there is security in knowing that if that person is holding on to and being led by a skilled and qualified sighted person safety and success will be the outcome.

So then life is a journey that is a similitude to a road being traveled. All areas of road are not the same. some are beautiful scenic and enjoyable. Some are smooth and straight with no obstacles in sight. There are others that are rocky and rough and may include road blocks and unexpected detours. Then there are the winding curves that seem to have no end in sight. In life there can be episodes ranging from the valley of despair to the joys of the mountain top experience. Successes and failures, accomplishments and disappointments.

A loving marriage, the overwhelming joy at the birth of a newborn baby, a full ride college scholarship, beholding God's beauty and splendor of a new spring season, or a new job with major benefits are all reasons to celebrate! Right? What about the winding road experience when there seems to be no end to the trials, disappointments and uncertainty of the future?

The valley experience may be the result of grief due to the loss of a child or a declining or debilitating health condition. It may also be associated with loss of employment and questions of how to deal with the lack of income. Often the tendency is to give in to despair. However, relief and comfort will come by reflecting and rehearsing the word of God from within. Remember when monetary resources were limited and yet you were never lacking necessities? You have the assurance that God will provide and that He will never abandon you (Heb.13:5). God can bring peace in the midst of chaos(Isa.26:3). He invites you to give him your burdens (1 Pet.5:7, Psa. 5:22). He knows how to handle every situation.

You can ( Like the blind man) hold tightly to the hand of the Master with the assurance that He will lead you safely and securely to a successful outcome. (Jer.29:11, John 16:33)

Written by: Mother Sandra Harris