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Agape Worship Center

  Expressing Our Love For God to God

Foreign Missions in the Philippines

On Sunday, January 3, 2016 6:24 PM

Jesus Voice of Victory Global Ministries Inc.

Blk.39 lot 4 Phil. San Lorenzo South

Sta. Rosa City Laguna

Cp# 09167432629

Cp# 09354701828

To: Agape Worship Center

Dear Pastor Ashlock and Family

Brethren Blessed Congregation

Sis, Sandra Harris

Greetings! with a grateful heart coming from the joy of our Lord God.

We were so happy to send message to you with pictures of our latest mission in PATNANUNGAN JVVGM church last n 3rd week of December 2015 , This is the second outreach church via land and water transportation, ( 11 ) eleven hours travel from here. we've been there for visit with most of the brethren here who desired to see the brothers and sisters there and for the inauguration of the church. We found out that the church were dedicated, growing and excited to hear and learn more about our God. The true richest of our lives. This April of 2016, were praying to be there again to have concert crusade for follow up and to reach out more soul for Christ. There will be victoriously done with our partnership by the blessings and grace of our Father God.

The financial love gift that you've continually shared was used for the improvement of the worship place and for the other purposes and patronage. This coming march of 2016 were praying to be in ROMBLON , God will supply for the preparation of third outreach Church To be built for the Glory of our God According to Is perfect will, Provisions and favor.

Please See also the email add or Sis.Sandra Harris for back up message and photos.

Let's have united heart together to face better things ( this 2016 ) that the accompany our salvation.

Thank you so much for we believed that God will not forget your works and love for we as you have helped us by you've continues support, Thanks and Praise be to Lord Jesus for your faith in Christ and the love that you've shared.

As of now were waiting for the coming of our brothers and sisters in Christ from Patnanungan Church as they desired to visit the main church and to be with us in facing the new prosperous year 2016 together.

Praise our Loving Holy father God for he acknowledged all of us, Precious, Honored, Dearly love, Ministers of Reconciliations Ministers of the new Covenant by the leading of the Holy Spirit Ambassadors, Holy nation, Royal Priesthood, People belongs to God and His workmanship Team works who had intended that His manifold wisdom accomplished by Lord Jesus would be made known to the principalities rulers and authorities in heavenly realm by the Church, according to His eternal purpose ( Eph 3: 10-11 ) Amen!!

    Let's lift up our hands and heart together as we agreed with His Great and Glorious purpose.

We hope to hear from you with greetings MERRY CHRISTMAS And PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

We love you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

                In Christ love,

JVVGM/ Ptr. Teodoro R. Nery