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Agape Worship Center

  Expressing Our Love For God to God

Our Ministries


Our name is called: ?Cornerstone Women? symbolizing our being the foundation for the building up of women in this ministry.

We want to be lively stones, that will hold Christ up in this community as mothers, wives, grandmothers, and as highly called women of God. We will uphold the doctrine of our faith and support our Pastor and the church policies set by our Pastor.

Vision: The vision of Cornerstone Women is to strengthen and enrich the spiritual lives of women by helping them to have a deep relationship with God and grow in the knowledge of His Word.

This is a woman-to-woman ministry of sharing, encouraging, discipling, and mentoring in the faith. It?s focus is presenting the truth and beauty of the message of salvation, healing, renewal, and restoration in a manner that reaches the inner-woman.

Mission: Cornerstone Women?s mission is to serve as examples for all women who seek to discover their freedom and healing in Christ through sharing in experiences of praise and worship, personal witness, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.

This ministry meets every 2nd Saturay at 11:00 at the church.


Our name is "The Gate Keepers" symbolizing our men are standing at the door keeping watch physically and spiritually for the people of God.

The Men?s Ministry is committed to attracting and winning men to Christ and then helping them to become mature in their faith. This is accomplished through the use of various activities each designed to help a man become the person that God desires him to be. The activities and events vary allowing as many as possible to participate.  

Our goal is to reach men with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through one-on-one and group instruction, men embrace the need to depend on the Lord and fully accept the gift of salvation. He has given to us all.

This ministry meets as a men's Fellowship every 2nd Saturday at noon. Place TBA


We are endevoring to expand our minisry outside of the church by ministering in Residential Care Homes. 

Many are not able to come to church, so we will be taking the church to them. 

Many are not able to come to church, so we will be taking the church to them. 

We look forward to encouraging those that are sick and shut in to believe God and look to Him to meet their needs.


Our Vision: To nurture children to be Bible Believing, Prayer Dependent and Service Oriented.

Our Mission: For each child to know that God is real and that a personal relationship with Him gives meaning to life. 

To aid each child in accepting Jesus Christ as savior and developing a dynamic relationship with him. 

To help each child develop a lifestyle that is built on his/her relationship with Jesus Christ. 

To help each child understand that God's Word (the Bible) is relevant and that growth in Bible knowledge results in positive changes in attitudes, action and life-style.                         

To provide children the opportunity and direction to participate in ministry.               

We have Children's Church during the Sunday morning message.