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Agape Worship Center

  Expressing Our Love For God to God


The ministry of Agape Worship Center is founded upon the command of God to Pastor Carlton D. Ashlock to pray for his people. The ministry of Agape Worship Center is a ministry of intercessory prayers for the people of God. The first and foremost concern of Agape Worship Center is that the people of God develop a healthy and well rounded walk with God. The ministry of Agape Worship Center will work to assist the child of God in:

• Interpreting the Word of God by comparing scriptures to scriptures
• Understanding the call to service by God for God
• Understanding God’s design and purpose for the family

 Elder Carlton D. Ashlock, Pastor


John 21:15-17, Hebrew 6:10, Matthew 25:21, 23

Out of Love for God minister to the Saints, preparing them to stand before God with the assurance that they will be accepted by God and will be ushered by God into his presence for all eternity.


Matthew 11:29, I Thessalonians 2:19-20

The saints affiliated with Agape Worship Center will know and understand the God they worship. The saints affiliated with Agape Worship Center will be able to teach others the truth about God as defined in the Bible. 

Submit your prayer requests on the "more" page

or call (530) 936-4088 for a personal prayer

You can call the church anytime to ask for prayer (530) 749-9248

Church doors are open, but limited seating

Service will still be on a conference line or 

Facebook (under Agape Worship Center Marysville)

Sunday at 11:30 am - (339) 207-6160 - Please join us!!!